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The purpose of the photo shooting the torture behind the glamour is to take a stand against animal cruelty and to draw attention to the horrific treatment in fur farms.

The visual comparison of life and death aims to show what is behind the assumed glamour; especially in regards to the fur industry. The kind of fashion that our society refers to as glamorous, beautiful, classy and fashionable costs approximately 120 million animals their lives annually.

80% of fur goods are produced in China, where animal protection laws do not exist. This signifies that all means are permitted during the killing process. Slaying, stabbing, drowning, death by electric shocks or broken necks are just a few of these methods. Many of the animals are even skinned alive. Furthermore, most of the animals are scared to death because they have to watch and listen to the agony of their fellow kind before their own execution. Breeding animals live in tiny, filthy wired cages from birth until fur harvest-time, which in most cases leads to mental and physical illness. No boundaries, and in no case compassion exist in the fur industry, only the profit is relevant.

One of the major problems is the lack of awareness on this issue. For example, many people mistakenly assume that fur is a by-product of the meat industry. This is not true; the cadavers simply end up in the trash after the skinning process because there is no further use for them. Additionally, real fur is often declared as faux fur or dog and cat fur is wrongly declared on purpose. People tend to look away. When shopping, who would want to think about the fact that their faithful companion had to lose its life in the most brutal way, for nothing less than a piece of cloth?

Hardly anyone thinks about the fact, that by buying and wearing fur products, you are not only directly supporting the million-dollar fur industry, but also that you are responsible for the terrible animal cruelty as well as its promotion.

This photo project should encourage people to form their own opinion to not blindly run after any fashion trends. Because if there would not be a demand for fur products, then there would not be this immense animal cruelty.